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Energy-saving paint Thermosun

A great story in a small bowl

Using ceramic particles (Ceramic Microspheres) with a diameter of a few millimetres, NASA engineers managed to make the Space Shuttle withstand temperature fluctuations of more than 2.000 °C. This pioneering discovery that remained firmly attached to its foundation despite accelerations to speeds an order of magnitude higher than the speed of sound, has been used up to this day as a protective shield of the spaceship. In combination with an extremely tangible binder, a ‘liquid ceramic plate’ was born.

After adjustment for civil use, the thermo-ceramic coating was further developed and improved with other important properties for use in construction and residential construction.

The colour-like substance is a thermo-ceramic coating, which today represents a system of energy-saving and long-lasting protection. Learn more about IR coating here.

Increase the efficiency of heating panels
THERMOSUN energy-saving IR coating has 20 % more hollow thermo-ceramics and therefore a 20 % increase in the power of infrared reflection, which means additional saving with paint. In combination with heating panels, it achieves outstanding performance.
Improved energy
Multiple IR Thermosun thermal insulation coatings improve the overall energy efficiency of each building element. By drying the substrate, separating the moisture in the substrate under the application, and optimising the use of solar waves, the building element itself acquires better and longer-lasting insulating properties.
Colder summer, warmer winter
With its unique composition, the thin, partly ceramic coating of thermal insulation IR coating Thermosun enables extremely good adhesion. It prevents formation of micro-cracks and bubbles, is not destroyed by UV radiation, and is resistant to many harmful physical stresses.