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Installation and consulting

Panel installation and service
At Ekosen, we provide comprehensive services for IR heating – from expert advice to sales and quality assembling – throughout Slovenia. The installation is carried out by professionally trained installers using the best tools and construction materials. This avoids unnecessary stress during the process itself, and reduces the time required for assembly. Our installers leave behind a well-arranged environment and restore the facility to its original state (they also carry out the puttying). Sunlife panel maintenance is not necessary, and we give you a 12-year warranty. 
Professional consulting
The company boasts extensive experience in sales, consulting and installation of IR heating systems in Slovenia. Currently, there are more than 20 regional consultants in the field, operating throughout Slovenia. They are trained for quality and professional consultancy throughout Europe. Our consultants can also provide you with a free energy calculation for your facility.
We are the leading provider of IR heating technology in Slovenia, and therefore offer expert advice to related companies that offer this type of technology. With our rich experience and knowledge, we are indispensable consultants in the international arena.