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IR panels Sunlife ONE

IR heating panels SUNLIFE ONE are suitable for every home, apartment house, vacation home, as well as motorhomes and boats. Due to its custom dimensions, the 700 W panel can also be mounted in Armstrong ceilings. We can also use them to make a home sauna. A simple solution that hides top-of-the-line technology. More heat for less money.

(Micro-rough surface)

IR panel SUNLIFE ONE is the result of our extensive experience and know-how (Slovenian product). It represents a visual and systematic improvement of all existing IR panels on the market. IR panel SUNLIFE ONE is a professionally tested and appropriately certified product, and represents the best solution in the field of IR heating with which we can achieve the maximum effect.

It is also a bestselling product, offering the best performance for the best price. It is distinguished by quality and durable materials that provide a long useful life. Modern and always popular shape is well integrated into the room – it is mounted on the ceiling, so it is not noticeable, resulting in the best energy efficiency. It can also be emphasised as a detail in the room. IR heating is suitable for basic or extra heating of living and working spaces.