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IR panels Sunlife PRESTIGE

IR heating panels SUNLIFE PRESTIGE are designed for those who need more than just functionality. They are suitable for modern architectural solutions and modern dwellings or business premises. They are only suitable for wall installation. We invite you to our showroom, where you can see the exhibited panels and can check their quality by yourself.

(Board in black or white)

IR panel SUNLIFE TAG is a heating whiteboard in black or white or grey or red, on which you can draw or write with chalk. The unique design of the IR heating panel is suitable for kitchens, children’s rooms and offices. It is mounted on a wall. 

(IR panel with a printed image)

You can choose a frameless version of the SUNLIFE PREMIUM ART IR panel, on which an image or a photo can be printed. It can be placed in a bedroom, hallway, staircase or living room as decoration that livens up your room. You can use it to heat the apartment and the room with a unique decoration. By submitting your own design, we can print it on the panel. 

(IR panel as a mirror)

IR panel SUNLIFE MIRROR is an IR heating mirror with a wide range of uses, and is suitable for every room. Your bathroom will always be warm, and the mirror will never be foggy, the clothes in your wardrobe will always be warm, making your mornings brighter, and your guests will be surprised by the pleasant warmth in the hallway and in the hall. IR panel SUNLIFE MIRROR can be used individually or in combination with other IR heaters and heating systems. It is mounted on a wall.